Current order fulfilment is 1-2 weeks.

Shop Policies and Info

When will my order ship? 

I am a one person operation, so while I try to make things as quick as possible orders may take up to two weeks to ship. The exception is printed items such as posters and sweatshirts that are fulfilled by a third party and may take up to 4 weeks.

Can I cancel my order? Can I return my order? 

If your order has not shipped yet it can most likely be canceled. Please email as soon as possible, and understand that while I will do my best there is no guarantee that I will be able to cancel it in time.

Orders may be returned for a full refund if the return is due to a default in construction or an error on the part of the shop. If you simply do not like the product you may ship it back to me and I will refund you less shipping when I have received the item in its original condition. 

I entered my address incorrectly. What should I do?  

Please send me an email as soon as you notice an incorrect address! If the order has not shipped its a simple fix, but once an item is shipped I am not able to change the address. If the item is returned to me by the post office I can reship it for an additional charge. If the item is lost due to an incorrect address unfortunately I cannot offer a refund or replacement. 

Customs and import taxes?

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Please be aware of your home countries import policies and fees before purchasing internationally. Delays are possible for international customers as items are processed through customs.

My order says delivered but its not here?

Here are steps that you can take:

1) Wait a few business days. Often packages are mistakenly marked as delivered and will show up on a later mail day.

2) Triple check your address. Even a number or letter off can cause trouble.

3) Contact your LOCAL post office. They can give you the location that it was scanned and any other info they have, and help you file a missing mail claim if needed.

I am not responsible for packages that are misdelivered or stolen. Once the package has been accepted by the respective mail carrier there is little to nothing I can do, and by purchasing online you accept the risk of mistakes on the part of the shipping carrier and the responsibility of contacting them in the event of an issue.


Please contact me if you have any questions.